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French Valley Airport - Murrieta, CA


Many members of EAA Chapter 1279 are involved in building and flying experimental aircraft as well as owning,flying and maintaining certified aircraft.  This chapter has built a vintage Pietenpol aircraft from scratch as a chapter workshop project. We are in the process of adding information on all member owned or built aircraft so please check back to these pages frequently.


Member aircraft and projects 

1. Steve Williamson and Peter Griffiths Corvair powered Pietenpol.  This aircraft was built during EAA Chapter 1279's Saturday morning workshops during the early 2000's.  Photos and building information is available by following the link .

Pietenpol link 

2. Dave McPhee is building a Continental O-200 powered Fly Baby. 

3. Jerry Trapp's Aeronca 7AC taking off at French Valley Airport (F70)


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